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Have fun, learn math, eat candy!

What is it all about

Making the best and most effective, simple, and generous math training app possible following 4 simple rules!

Minimal Complexity

It's easy to make an app seem complex, but hard to make a complex app seem simple, yet we have tried our best and reduced this app to it's core functionality - teaching Math

The right assignments

Assignments, with the right complexity, at the right time. Building a system that manage this is a science in it self, it's based on knowledge both from learning psychology and gamedesign!

Synaptic learning

A handmade handwriting recognition system! Allowing users to write results instead of clicking buttons, triggers so many more of those tiny gray brain cells, and that really kickstarts learning!

The right leverage

Being able to handle basic mathmatics is fundamental to having fun when learning all the advanced stuff ... But who are we kidding. Kids are not going to work for free - they want Candy!

Want to see more?

Here is a couple of screenshots from other apps we are working on!

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