background image, illustration of a vampire - artist Anton Sølvsten
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Drawing of 7 space scoundrels

About us

CreaSaur is a small independent game studio currently making a series of experimental multiplayer games, Puzzle games, and edutainment games, including our latest, Math for Candy.

We are dedicated to creating fun games for mobile devices. We have the expertise and experience to produce top quality games to the highest standard.

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We are making games!

Right now we have following titles under production

Math for Candy

Space Scoundrels

Minimalistic multiplayer space adventure. Explore, loot and salvage to keep that piece of spacejunk functioning, and the crew happy ... Did I mention that swearing is mandatory!

Tiny Vampire

Who don't love solving a good puzzle, and entering the deadly labyrint tombs of Malakau, is the greatest challenge of them all ... Of Course being a creature of the night helps!

Pirate Memory

Oh those pirates, too much rum, and waiting for loot, wears on that old unthrusty thinker. So what better way to pass time than with a quick game of Pirate memory?

The Process

Here is an overview of how we approach new projects.


  • Brode over idea
  • Divine inspiration
  • Define targetgroup
  • Reevaluate idea


  • Make wireframe
  • Sketches and storyboard
  • Create assets
  • Code like crazy


  • Tweet like crazy
  • Promotional graphics
  • Deploy to appstore
  • Pray and bite nails

Our Games

Here is a bit more about the projects we are working on.


Screenshots of the Games that we are working on at the moment

  • All
  • Space Scoundrels
  • Tiny Vampire
  • Write Numbers
image from Space Scoundrels mmo adventure app
The Hangar Space Scoundrels
host from edutainment app about math
Host Write Numbers
tiny vampire
Sketch Tiny Vampire
old school computer from math program
The Brain Write Numbers
sketch of tiny vampire
Character design Tiny Vampire
menu from math program
Menu Write Numbers
tiny vampire in the labyrinth
Ingame graphics Tiny Vampire
sketch of the map from tiny vampire
Menu sketch Tiny Vampire
ship designs from space scoundrels mmo adventure game
Ship design Space Scoundrels
host from draw numbers - edutainment app
Host Write Numbers
Early sketch of tiny vampire
Early sketch Tiny Vampire
Crew sketch
Crew sketches Space Scoundrels

Contact Us

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And we will notify you about progress and when the games are out!

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